I work as a software engineer for Red River Software as a full stack developer. I’m also heavily involved with the DevOps side of the business and help to set up CI/CD for projects, maintain infrastructure and setup systems monitoring solutions.

I maintain our internal tea-bot Slack bot and help manage and support the Work Experience students that come to us. I also help run our LunchBots challenge for local secondary schools. In addition to the LunchBots challenge we have run one day crash courses for Y10s from Millais School to design, build and program a robot from scratch.


I’ve been a Blueshirt (volunteer) for Students Robotics since 2017 and have since helped organise competitions, mentor teams, and run the competition events.

The other robotics organisation I volunteer with is SourceBots which facilitates a Smallpeice Summer School for college age students to build a robot that can compete in a game within 5 days.


A part of the Scouting movement for the last 14 years in April 2017 I became the Cub Scout Leader at my local pack. After leading cubs for almost three years I was asked to become Group Scout Leader and am now responsible for the group as a whole, supporting the leaders and working with our committee to make sure the charity continues to function.